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  Test your knowledge of KoolSongs with these 50 Questions!

1. What games will we play at the party?
A. Checkers
B. Video games
C. Pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs
D. Reindeer games
2. Where are all the birthday presents stacked?
A. On the table
B. In the middle of the room
C. Under the piñata
D. On the clown's head
3. Who plays the drum so we can keep in time?
A. Dad
B. Mom
C. The Clown
D. Little Drummer Boy
4. What is the piñata filled with?
A. Ants
B. Spiders
C. Pirates
D. Candy
5. What do we do with the kids who didn't get as much as us?
A. Share
B. Dance
C. Hide
D. Sing
6. Who is the leader of the marching band?
A. Mom
B. The Clown
C. Grandpa
D. The Drum Major
7. What do we eat with cake?
A. Gobs of frosting
B. Ice skates
C. Icebergs
D. Ice cream
8. What color is Pet Dinosaur?
A. Brown
B. Red
C. Green
D. Blue
9. How tall is Pet Dinosaur?
A. 10 feet
B. 7 feet
C. 100 feet
D. 10 meters
10. Pet Dinosaur knows "right" from . . .
A. Left
B. U-Turns
C. Your other left
D. Wrong
11. Where does the Pet Dinosaur live?
A. In the house
B. In the backyard
C. With the neighbors
D. In the Peek-A-Zoo
12. What does Pet Dinosaur do when he sleeps?
A. Grinds his teeth
B. Drools
C. Snores
D. Keeps one eye open
13. Pet Dinosaur's tail makes a good . . .
A. Table
B. Slide
C. Lawnmower
D. Baseball bat
14. What game does Pet Dinosaur like to play?
A. Tag
B. Pin the Tail on the Donkey
C. Hide & Seek
D. Chess
15. What does Pet Dinosaur say?
A. "Shake, Rattle & Roll"
B. "Bam Bam Bam"
C. "Shaka Laka Boom Boom"
D. "Okey-Dokey"
16. Who is NOT a new friend?
A. The Leprechaun
B. Pet Dinosaur
C. Little Doggy
D. The Bank Robber
17. What can you and Mom bake?
A. Cookies
B. Pie
C. "Frozen TV dinners
D. "Cookies, pie and cake
18. "Friends like us are . . "
A. "Sticky like glue."
B. "Special and true"
C. "Hard to find"
D. "Hand in hand"
19. What day did little doggy get up early?
A. Monday
B. Sunday
C. Saturday
D. Every day
20. "Sing a song, do a dance, listen to music . . ."
A. "Take a stance."
B. "Jump up and prance"
C. "Look for ants"
D. "Take a chance"
21. Who was at the door?
A. A ghost
B. Little Doggy
C. The Ice Cream Man
D. Uncle Ned
22. Where do we find sea shells?
A. In the sand
B. In the water
C. In the gift shop
D. On the pier
23. What can we touch by jumping on the trampoline?
A. The house
B. The stars
C. The moon
D. The clouds
24. What is protected by the leprechaun?
A. Candy
B. A pot of gold
C. The trampoline
D. A college tuition
25. Where is the leprechaun?
A. In Ireland
B. In the well
C. Over the rainbow
D Under the bridge
26. What do you say to the leprechaun when you leave?
A. "Good bye"
B. "Thank you"
C. Peace be with you"
D. "How do I get home?"
27. What color are Little Doggy's eyes?
A. Blue
B. Black
C. Brown
D. Hazel
28. Where can you draw with colored chalk?
A. On the baseball diamond
B. On the blackboard
C. On the sidewalk
D. At the Peek-A-Zoo
29. What does the baby monkey eat?
A. Oranges
B. Bananas
C. Tangerines
D. Ice cream
30. What do the penguins wear?
A. Tuxedos
B. Top hats
C. Bow ties
D. Only the latest fashion
31. Who is the zebra talking to?
A. Himself
B. An ostrich
C. Little Doggy
D. An elephant
32. Who lives at the Peek-A-Zoo?
A. The tiger
B. The koala
C. The gorilla
D. All of the above
33. How many languages can be heard at the Peek-A-Zoo?
A. 1
B. 10
C. a thousand
D. none
34. What does the baby monkey have on his head?
A. Another monkey
B. Bananas
C. A hat
D. A rattle
35. Where did Little Doggy come from?
A. Pet store
B. The Circus
C. He was a stray
D. A famous breeder
36. Where do we meet new friends?
A Playing in the sea
B. At school
C. On the pier
D. The mall
37. Where do we eat at the beach?
A. On the pier
B. In the water
C. In the car
D. On a blanket
38. What do we "cruise" on?
A. Bikes
B. Rollerblades
C. Roller-skates
D. Skateboards
39. How big is our sand castle?
A. Up to the sky
B. As big as a house
C. As big as a mountain
D. Very small
40. Who do we throw the Frisbee to?
A. Tourists
B. Little Doggy
C. A friend
D. The lifeguard
41. What do we use to keep from getting sunburned?
A. An umbrella
B. A hat
C. Suntan lotion
D. Sunglasses
42. Who is the party for?
A. The clown
B. Little Doggy
C. You
D. Mr. Fancy Pants
43. "I'd like some cake and . . ."
A. More cake
B. Ice cream
C. Whip cream
D. A toothache
44. What color are Pet Dinosaur's eyes?
A. Pink
B. Blue
C. Brown
D. Red
45. Pet Dinosaur shakes what?
A. Ceiling
B. Ceiling and floor
C. His "Booty"
D. Maracas
46. When Pet Dinosaur is in the pool, what happens?
A. The pool is full
B. He splashes
C. He drinks the water
D. The water turns green
47. What do you get from the ice cream man?
A Goodies
B. Dog food
C. A Treat
D. Advice on mutual funds
48. Where do you display an alligator picture?
A. On the front door
B. In your room
C. On the refrigerator
D. At Grandma's house
49. What are the chores you can help with?
A. Dishes
B. Laundry
C. Sweeping the floors
D. All of the above
50. What did Mom say about keeping Little Doggy?
A. Ask your Father
B. No Way
C. Okay
D. He might run away
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