Your children will be amazed when they see and hear their own name become part of this enchanting story. My Pet Dinosaur is beautifully narrated and animated. Kids can read along as hear their own names being said many times throughout this lovable stroy. With over 100 things to click on, your kids can interact with this CD ROM for hours.

My Pet Dinosaur
A Personalized Storybook
Fully Narrated, interactive CD ROM!

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The My Pet Dinosaur CD ROM is personalized for over 8,000 different names and new names will be added very soon

Also, you can customize the appearance of the child in the story to look like your child!  Choose gender, race, hair color, and eye color! Now your story is SUPER Personalized!



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The website sample has lower picture and sound quality and has less things to click on than the actual product.

"My Pet Dinosaur"
Your child goes to the pet store with his or her mother. He or she sees cats and dogs, birds and rabbits, but just one dinosaur. "That's it! That's it," the child says, "a dinosaur is the pet for me!"

The child and the dinosaur become fast friends and go everywhere together. They go to school, they go to the playground, they roam in the backyard, they go into town, they play hide and seek, they watch tv, they sit by the pool, and they drink lemonade. The dinosaur makes a big impression everywhere they go. At the end of the day your child goes happily to sleep with the best pet of all.


Operating System:
 Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
 600 MHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent
 128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
 Sound card and speakers

* The only fully personalized, NARRATED, interactive audio Story Book CD-ROM on the market Your child will hear his or her name read to them in every scene!

* The computer reads the story to your child

 * Enhances reading skills and includes vocabulary builder

 * More than 8,000 boy and girl names and the list is growing

 * Child can read at his or her own pace

 * Animation and interactive means FUN, FUN, FUN!

 * Every scene of every story can be printed for coloring

 * Every Story Book CD comes with a game with three levels

 * Appeals to adults as well as children