Fan Mail!
Frankie and Taylor 
I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the CDs you made for my son (Frankie) and nephew (Taylor). They are wonderful and the kids really enjoy hearing their own very special songs. I can not say enough about the CD and how wonderful it is. 
-Shannon Kerstetter 
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Mia - Age 18mos.
My Daughter Mia LOVES the CD! She' s 1 1/2 and recognized her name in the songs immediately. Nowhere else in the world could I find a CD of songs with the name "Mia" on it - believe me - I checked!
-Shannon Bergeron - Greenwell Springs, LA
Joshua - Age 4
"Thank you for the CD. Joshua just loves it. He always shows his friends and says, "Listen, my name is in the song!" It's great for long road trips. Now he's always talking about his Pet Dinosaur".
- Tina Hensil - Los Angeles, CA
Crystal - Age 7
"I like this KoolSongs CD because I never heard my name in a song before. I was very surprised. It makes me happy when I listen to it. It's my favorite CD!"
Robert - Age 7
"He really loves the Day At The Beach song. I've never seen his face light up so much like the first time he heard you singing to him. It made him feel very special. This was a wonderful gift that he'll treasure for years." 
- Laura Perry - Fenton, MI
Carly - Newborn
 My wife and I recently had our first child and we bought the KoolSongs "Carly" version of your recordings and loved it.  I'm a musician and can really appreciate the wholesome lyrics and the talent that goes into the entire creative inception and recording process. 
My personal favorite is Pet Dinosaur (as funky as a kid song can get!) and my wife's is Friends Like Us.  Carly's family loves hearing her name over and over.  It's touched her aunts, uncles and grandparents! 
Gary Eizenwasser - A dad and a big fan!
Ashley - Age 2
"She just loves her KoolSongs CD. Every time she hears Let's All Go The Party she runs and dances around the whole room." She's had her CD for several months now and still adores it. Thank you so much!
- Maria Porter - Lomita, CA
Christian - Age 7
"This CD is very Kooool! I'm so happy I got this CD because it says my name. I took it to school to show my friends."
I just got My Lucky Leprechaun and My Neptune Voyage CD ROMS today. And I am so pleased with them both, My Husband and I watched them both and loved them, I know our Grandkids will love them also.
Your qualitly of the CD roms are great, and the colors are so nice. And our grandkid's name is so clear and are mention so much thru out the story. I have told friends about your great wonderful products for kids.
 I just want to Thank You again for your great site.
Thank You,
-Linda Gay